Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yanmar 3GM Before & After

Yanmar 3GM before & after!  Need yours reconditioned?  Call Don at 863-612-6803.

Perkins 4.108 During Rebuild

Here are some pictures of a Perkins 4.108 recondition in progress.  Need yours reconditioned?  Call Don at 863-612-6803.

Perkins 4.108 Rebuild Project

Here's a picture of a recent 2010 Perkins 4.108 rebuild/recondition project.  Ever wonder what the difference is between a simple rebuild and a total recondition?  Take a look at this!  Have questions about yours?  Call Don at 863-612-6803.

Generator Rebuild

This year we totally reconditioned this generator.  It looked so amazing that, someone bought it before I could install in my own boat!  Call Don for yours; 863-612-6803.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

We Buy Used Sailboat Diesels

Just re-power and still have old engine?  Have an old sailboat lying in your shop?  We want 'em!  Call 863-612-6803 and we'll buy 'em from you!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Yanmar 3GM

Just in, a popular Yanmar 3GN. Freshly torn down, on our bench and ready to recondition. Need an engine for your sailboat? This might be your engine. Call now and we can build to YOUR spec's. Call 863-612-6803 now!

Westerbeke/British Leyland Four 91 Marine Diesels - Complete or Parts

Two British Leyland marine diesels, marinized by Westerbeke. Model Four 91. Complete or parts. These are rare; if you need parts or whole unit call quickly! Call Don at 863-612-6803 now!

Paragon V-Drive


We now have a very rare, Paragon Transmission coupled with a 2:1 V-Drive in stock.  This unit is simply NOT available any more.  If you coule by new it would be ... well, alot!  The transmission portion is worth about $1000 and the V-Drive gears $2000.  $1600 just spent rebuilding this unit; now offered for $1950.  Call Don at 863-612-6803.